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A shipping label is the least expensive part of your product’s packaging, but the impact (or lack thereof) on your product can be priceless. You have too much invested in your products to allow them to be mishandled by shipping companies or warehouse receivers. Whether you are shipping domestically or internationally, your packages are going through many “hands” and must comply with an increasing number of overlapping shipping regulations.

Think outside the box..

On the outside of your packaging, our labels alert shipping personnel to special handling instructions. They identify package contents with international pictographs or bright coloring to communicate to carriers why this package needs to be handled with care. Not only do they help prevent costly damage, they may also save lives.

AsLabeled.com is your source for a multitude of stock and custom labels at factory-direct prices. We constantly update our product selections to help meet the latest regulations. It’s our goal to help make sure that your packages arrive safely and without delay. We are in the business of making you happy. Your business is the reason we continue to thrive in the flexographic printing industry.

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