Lithium Battery Label

New Lithium Battery Mark Required January 1st 2019

About the New Mark

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) – the trade association that creates industry policies for the world’s airlines – has updated the Lithium Battery Mark as of January 2019. Air shipments of Lithium Batteries will need the new mark on packages moving forward. Please reference the photo below comparing the old vs new design.

New Lithium Battery Shipping Mark January 2019

Shippers of Lithium Batteries need to discard any of the old “Caution Lithium Battery” labels and replace with the new standard design. This change occurred January 1st, 2019 and is now the new requirement moving forward.

The new design has been simplified by removing unnecessary text and enlarging the center design. The picture includes a broken battery to demonstrate a flammable hazard. A line is available to fill-in which United Nations (UN) number applies to the shipping contents. The emergency contact phone number line is still available.

What to Write on the Label has updated this label to meet the ICAO/IATA and DOT requirements. The sticker can be applied directly to the packaging containing Lithium Batteries. Guidelines state the specific UN number(s) applicable to what is being shipped must be displayed. The UN numbers for the Class 9 – Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods are as follows:

  • UN 3090, Lithium Metal Batteries
  • UN 3091, Lithium Metal Batteries contained in equipment or packed with equipment
  • UN 3480, Lithium Ion Batteries
  • UN 3481. Lithium Ion Batteries contained in equipment or packed with equipment

The emergency phone number also needs to be filled in before shipping. According to the IATA Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines “the telephone number should be of a person knowledgeable about the shipment but is not intended to be for the purposes of obtaining immediate emergency response guidance.”

Other Helpful Information

To view IATA’s guidelines, please find the document here: 2019 Lithium Battery Guidance Document, Revision 1: Transport of Lithium Metal and Lithium Ion Batteries

UPS also has their own rules when shipping Lithium Batteries by air, please refer to their document: How to Safely Pack and Ship Batteries to view their guidelines and requirements.

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